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[GM] masterceil aLeaderCelestialCouncillorMembero posted Feb 27, 17

Greetings, Celestials! Check out the important links below, and keep an eye on this post for future updates!

  1. Guild Rules
  2. Guild Ranks
  3. Guild Bank
  4. Conquest Guide
  5. World Eaters


Extreme Parkour!

[O] Sol aCelestialCouncillorMember posted Mon at 20:02

Greetings again, guildies and friends!

Another week is over and lot of things happened in the Celestial world, so I am back to tell you!

Before talking about the events, we are really glad to announce that the "Deep Horizon", the Argonauts guildship, is now fully unlocked!! So many, many thanks to all our awesome guildies who contributed joining in Commander runs and donating his conquest rewards to the guildbank to make this possible!!

We started with the World Bosses hunt: Droid Edition!  Yes, we went around the galaxy kicking metal butts!

The first one in being reduced to junk this time, was the Ulgo Siegebreaker!  We have been for a long time making the Ulgo House to think that they finally won with this droid, and that maybe putting it in the middle of a lake wasn't a bad idea after all... So it was time to take it again and show them how wrong were them ! (Also conquest points!)

After that, we went to Quesh again to take down the Rogue Cartel Warbot... It is kind of a vicious circle with him, because he injured many of our guildies many times, and we need revenge! But everytime we go there, more guildies get injured and we end up needing more revenge!  (His cuddle of death is too strong!)

Then, to finish [Priority Targets] we went to Nar Shaddaa, to kill R4-GL, another droid that hasn't felt the Celestial power in a good time!

And as a bonus, because after melting three metal butts we couldn't leave the last one alive, we finished this droid edition killing SD-0! That droid is a hater, he kills the guildies who wants to cuddle with each other!

The Commander run, in the other hand, ended up being something else... We were about to kill Lord Djanistac on Tatooine and he called reinforcements!  It's the second time that squishy bastard runs away from us!

Plus, apparently he also sent a transmission to the other Imperial bases to tell them that we were going, because all of them were hiding from us. Well, almost all of them, because the commander on Ilum wasn't that fast and he payed his slow reaction with his death!

But we didn't let them kill our fun, there is always a threat on the Galaxy and the Celestials are always ready to finish it! So after taking that commander on Ilum, we went to Makeb, got inside Toborro's Courtyard and killed his golden chicken!

Don't worry! Even though we fully unlocked the "Deep Horizon" we will keep doing these awesome commander runs because they are fun, we can help the Dreadnauts to unlock the "Chimera of Dread" and also the flagship plans are a good source of funds that will let us organize new activities with prizes, keep doing our World Eater program, and allow more repair funds for our great guildies!

Also, another activity that we have been planning to do, came out off the cuff! Dreadnauts and Argonauts fought against each other in the Outlaw's Den on Tatooine! No, I know what you are thinking,  don't worry! It was just a war training exercise to help each other to get ready to face future dangers, like rescuing guildies that get in troubles. Someone tried to boicot our excercise and things become tense for a moment, but they ended up running away! We really would like to do this more often!

For Introduction to Operations, the Argonauts did a really quick and fun run through the Eternity Vault, and some people new to it, got a taste of Explosive Conflicts!

And for Explore and Parkour, the time to collect the painful Makeb datacorns finally came! And we could check that all the exploring and parkouring we have been doing in the other planets before, was just a little warm up for these ones! All our abilities have been put to test, but we finally got to them with the patience and lot of help of our most skilled guildies!

In Conquest, we were kind of close but we couldn't sneak into Makeb's board. Thanks anyway to our great and almighty World Eaters who always put a lot of work and effort, legacies Skarn, Tairisiu and Dethvox!

And about our raid teams, Higher Ground did an awesome run through Temple of Sacrifice and they are ready to face new adventures!!

Remember to keep up on our discord channel and in the events section to don't miss the fun stuff! And if you want to do something else, please leave your suggestions

If you aren't a Celestial yet, and you'd like to be one, please fill and application form,  or contact us if you want to know anything more!

Until the next monday!

- Sol

Unlucky Lucky!

[O] Sol aCelestialCouncillorMember posted Feb 12, 18

Hello again, Celestials and non-Celestial,  guildies and friends!

 It's Monday one more time, and it's time to tell you about all the adventures we have had this week!

 The world bosses always come back, and we can't just ignore them and do like nothing is happening, we don't want the civil population to freak out again, so the week started with another awesome World Boss Hunt!

 I am glad to tell you that our drunk jawa friends are still not-decomposed, as we could check up on when we went to Tatooine to kill Trapjaw one more time!

 I am begining to think that we have someone infiltrated who likes to watch the guildies explode, because, from there, we went again to Quesh to take down the Rogue Cartel Warbot, and I don't know what leads the guidies to want to cuddle with a giant droid... Some of them got injured but they are recovering well!

 And after, we travelled to Belsavis to obliterate the Primal Destroyer and his friends and to swim in the lake!

 Did the World Boss Hunt end up there? Of course not!  Because we got a distress call from Ilum! And we went to the Gree event to take care of (in the sense of killing) Surgok'k and Gravak'k! If they think a couple of icicles and larvae can scare us, they are really wrong!

 The Commander run was great! We started on Hoth, taking over Lord Toreshi Xach! Yes, a named commander! (I tried to be respectful and learned his name, but the guildies not so, they plundered his crystals!)

 From there we went back to the jungle to take down an unnamed commander with lot of the champions who were protecting him on Yavin 4!

 And the event finished on Corellia where we didn't only took down another commander! (The Deep Horizon is almost ready!) Also, we went to get Lucky!! Getting "Unlucky" and "Lucky" titles for the guildies!  Sadly, one of them was not up all night to get lucky and he was very Unlucky as you can see in the picture below, but we will get it again!

 Besides that, we have done groups for flashpoints,  heroics, operations, warzones,  galactic starfighters and to scout on the Gree event!

 For Netflix and Chill, the choice was Hard Mode Xenoanalyst and for Intro to Ops Imperial Side it was The Ravagers!

 For Explore and Parkour, we went to Ilum, nice season during the Gree event. Hunting datacrons there was super fun and adventurous! We had to risk our lives in a snow storm, sneak into tents, get dangerously close to an Imperial base, fight the local fauna and get in caves full of crystals! Will you take the challenge next week on Makeb?

 And we, again, played lot of Cards Against Humanity, which is not swtor, but became another guild activity with our custom deck with cards about Star Wars, the game, and internal guild jokes!

 For Conquest, we weren't able to conquer Ilum, but our guildies put a lot of effort, so we have to thank our World Eaters, legacies Skarn, Madness and Dethvox for their great job! (If you are wondering what's a world eater you should check here, honor and glory can be yours!)

 Time for the news on our raid teams: Higher Ground did Terror From Beyond again! No,  I am kidding, they went so smoothly through SM Dread Fortress and SM Xenoanalyst!  While No Quarter didnt run this week.

 The Senate and the Courts killed Malaphar and the Squadron Units in Hard Mode Temple of Sacrifice (Underlurker was trolling them, but I am sure they’ll make him pay for that!). And We don't like sand cleared Hard Mode Terror From Beyond, with full group this time!

 Don't forget to keep up in our discord channel or in the events section to don't miss any of the fun stuff! And don't hesitate to give your suggestions about other events you would like to run!

 And if you aren't a Celestial and you want to join this crazy family,  you can fill an application form here or contact us if you have any doubt! 

 Until the next Monday!




Celestial adventures!

[O] Sol aCelestialCouncillorMember posted Feb 5, 18

Hello one more time, fellow guildies and friends from the Star Forge!

 Another week is gone and it is Monday again, so I am here to bring the best news from the Celestial World!

 This week, to avoid all the concerns and preoccupation around the galaxy  for us not killing world bosses, we decided to bring peace and calm to the civil population, so the week started with the World Boss Hunt

 This week, the run started on Hoth to take down both Snowblind (Can you believe someone died for lack of cuddling?? Gotta share the love!) and Gargath! And to finish the [Priority Targets] mission, we went to Quesh to reduce the Rogue Cartel Warbot to junk! (Where unlike on Hoth, some people died for too much cuddling!)

 The Commander run was amazing! We were going to start on Tatooine, there was a named commander there, but seems like the Imperial Commanders didn't like us to kill them with so little respect that we didn't even remember their names, so he ran away before the Argonauts landed in the planet!

 So the real run started on Corellia, where we obliterated the poor commander there!  Then we got to the beautiful jungle again, Yavin 4, where not only the Commander but lot of Imperial soldiers felt the Celestial power! 

 The reports of Imperial Commanders threatening the peace kept coming, so we also went to Ilum, Belsavis and Alderaan...  Just to save the Galaxy, you know #JustArgoThings.

 In an especial edition of Explore and Parkour, guildies and friends from the server got together to get the always difficult, but also fun and awesome Fleet Datacorn! (The spelling is intended) And not just one time but twice during the week! (No, you aren’t reading wrong!)

 But we also had the official Explore and Parkour run, where we went to hunt datacrons on Corellia!  And it was a lot of fun and adventure! We had to walk over cornices and roofs, and jump over lot of containers! We also went to another dimension on a disappearing act, and visit Disney Store (according to the guildies) and an ancient ship museum! To finish, we had to get into a really tiny elevator and make ourselves blow into the air! We got the seven datacrons on the planet and we will go for Ilum the next week!

 And, more than ever, groups for random flashpoints, uprisings, heroics, operations, warzones and Galactic Starfighters have been going all over the week! Because when a couple of Celestials get together, fun stuff happens! 

 And we played a lot of Cards against Humanity in our custom deck with all cards about Star Wars and internal jokes of the guild!

 Our raid teams keep going through new adventures! For Republic Side, Higher Ground did SM Ravagers super well and they are anxious to step into HM! While No Quarter did a new incursion through the Dread Fortress clearing all the way to Brontes, who caused them some troubles, but she will be who is getting the finger the next time!

 For Imperial side, half of We don't like sand got to clear HM Terror From Beyond, but they will try to get that nasty octopus again with their whole team! And The Senate and the Courts went for the big prize, facing Revan HM… For now they just faced him and had a not so friendly talk with him, but hey, I am sure they are going to get him soon!

 For Conquest, it was craftquest again and our factories are on strike... But many thanks to our awesome World Eaters, legacies Amnel and Jerseydevil for their great work! (You can be a World Eater too! Just click here!)

 If you don't want to miss any of the fun stuff, you should keep up in our discord channel or check the events section in our website! And if you want to do other events that we aren't currently hosting, you can leave your suggestions

 Please visit our gallery and if you are a member and have some pics of our fun activities, feel free to contribute!

If you haven't seen the guild teaser, check it out!

 And if you aren't a Celestial yet, you can fill and application form or contact us if you have any doubt! 

 Until the next Monday! 







New Guild Teaser Trailer Released!

ChidoriOokami CouncillorMemberDiplomatPilot posted Feb 3, 18

This gives a subtle tease for prospective players! Stay tune for more in depth videos that go more about the details, which you can also see in our website forums. 

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